PVC Dura Schedule 40

by Dura
PVC for corrosion resistance, high strength, and less weight than fittings made from metal.
  • The Dura Plastic Products 3/4 in. Schedule 40 PVC Tee helps you connect the branch line to the main water line. It features a 3-way slip connection that requires solvent welding for a secure fit. It is designed for cold water systems.
    • Schedule 40 PVC requires a primer before cementing
    • Use to join a schedule 40 main line to a branch line
    • Join by solvent welding
    • Withstands up to 289 PSI working pressure
    • Injection molded
    • Do not test or use with compressed air or gas, or compressed air or gas systems
    • Smooth interior finish for reduced friction and buildup of materials
    • Tee with three openings for connecting and branching three pipes
    • Slip openings for connecting to male un-threaded pipes or fitting