At the Summerland Rental Centre, we pride ourselves on having a large selection of quality irrigation products at reasonable pricing.
Some of our irrigation products:

  • Pipe PVC class 200 + sch 40
  • Drain pipe
  • Poly municipal
  • SDR 28 
  • Poly Pipe (dripline)

  • Brass fittings
  • Galvanized fittings
  • PVC
  • Drain + Sewer 
  • Drip irrigation
  • Municipal
  • Barb fittings

Proudly Representing
NDS is a world leader in irrigation, drainage, landscape supply. If we do not stock a certain item we have regular orders arriving daily and would be happy to get it for you. 
Rainbird spray heads and nozzles have a proven track record of performance that spans nearly three decades. View their complete line of interactive spray heads & the nozzle guides on their websites. Then give us a call and we will bring in the products you require.

Oatey's market-leading plumbing products include solvent cements for joining plastic pipe and fittings.

Dura Plastic Products, Inc. is known for their top-quality products. A family owned business, the company has grown into a recognized leader in the PVC piping component industry.

Sewer and Drain Fittings
Sewer pipe and fittings are used for building drainage and sewer applications. We offer 3" - 4" diameter solvent weld sewer pipe with either solid or perforated walls. Solid Wall pipe is used to collect wastewater and storm water from the building drains and convey it to storm drains. Perforated pipe is used in septic fields and for foundation drainage. We carry a complete line of injection moulded fittings, including bends, tees, wyes, couplings, adapters, cleanouts, bushings.